School of Hard Knocks

If you were working on School of Hard Knocks at some point this past week then you are certainly familiar with this achievement, which forces the player to capture a flag in Eye of the Storm, assault a flag in Arathi Basin, return a flag in Warsong Gulch and capture a tower/bunker in Alterac Valley. What I am going to talk about is how hilarious I find the whole role reversal, where PvE suddenly has to PvP to achieve something…and my god are the results horrifying.

Hard Knocks needs to go
BG Children’s week Achiev.
Children’s week: School of Hard Knocks
Why children’s week meta is so hard???
Children’s week PVP
Children’s week complaint
School of Hard Knocks
Guess no proto drake…
Remove EOTS from School of Hard Knocks….!!!
School of Hard Knocks and BG Que Times
Please remove School of Hard Knocks Achiev.

That enough? I mean that’s just the last 3 days, and the event has been over for 2 of them. Even check out the Wowhead comments section where everyone has their strategies set aside to get the achievement. It’s terrible to do, but just this one time I have to sit back and laugh at what it’s like when those tables of PvP/PvE are turned.

I did the achievement Friday night before leaving town, and it took me 5 BG’s to accomplish the 4 tasks, with the only repeated one being Warsong Gulch (which is arguably the easiest). My EotS cap came with about 30 points left in the game after all the faster pc’s beat me grabbing the flag (as evidenced by my Nostradamus-like comments in the pic on the top), and because of On a Pale Horse I can drill the AB and AV requirements about :20 into the battleground. Of note, the Horde won all 5 BG’s because the only one I went out of my way for was EotS, which was a matter of us holding 2 nodes, them holding 2 nodes and the rest of the BG fighting on the flag.

Anyway, note the role reversal for future reference and remember the 5800 gearscore raiders getting 3-shotted in battlegrounds.

Oh and I had to include this shot – someone actually grabbed the flag and jumped down the ledge to the bottom-right section of the map.


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