The New Orgrimmar

A thread over at MMO Champion is up that includes many images taken from the Cataclysm client, and amongst them is about 20 pictures of the new Orgrimmar…and it’s awesome. It appears as if every bitch that has been uttered in the past regarding having to dismount to go up (blah-blah) has been taken care of, the side entrance is apparently better guarded (assuming I saw the side entrance), and you just can’t deny the look of all the dark iron and spikes all over the place – it just looks mean.

There are plenty more images where that came from, including the maps of the newer zones, new mobs (including a flame marrowgar) as well as some achievements, titles and other things. The last image that I’ll link appears to be from an event of some sort, where Deathwing appears to be greeting people outside of Stormwind – Wal-Mart style.

“Hi, welcome to Stormwind!”


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