Cataclysm PvP Changes

In continuing to comment on Cataclysm PvP changes as they become available, more information became available this week as well as a clarification regarding PvP weaponry. Rather than simply re-wording everything I just read prior to starting this post, by all means click the links – I’ll be here when you get back.

The Basics:

PvE emblems as you know them are gone (Frost and Triumph). The new “point system” is structured as Hero and Valor Points; where Hero Points will have no cap on how fast and how many you can farm, and Valor Points will be like the current Frost Emblems where you can get like 2 a day, 5 for a weekly raid and a limited number from bosses.

PvP is moving to a remotely similar platform, where Honor Points will remain exactly how they are and new Conquest Points will be introduced in place of Arena Points. The Conquest Points will accrue similar to Arena Points now, being much slower and in less quantities.

What this means:

All PvP gear will now be purchasable without a certain personal rating in Arena play. In fact the Blizzard post that appears in the above link reads:

We’re removing personal rating requirements on almost all items; they’re definitely removed for weapons. We might offer a few items to the absolute best players based on personal rating, largely as cosmetic or ‘bragging rights’ type items.

Anyone will be able to purchase their PvP set dependent upon how quickly they can acquire the necessary Honor & Conquest Points for that respective item, and much like the first armor pieces in Icecrown Citadel players will likely all purchasing certain current-tier pieces on the same day as it became the first opportunity to accumulate that amount of points. The additional piece in the quote regarding the bragging rights type items would lead you to believe mounts like the gladiator frostwyrms and items like that will still be available, but at a certain level of distinction.

The Weapons Clarification

The purchasable weapons will work similar to the way that normal and heroic items work now under the current raid structure. Most guilds run the typical raids, outfit their members accordingly and before you know it half the server is all wearing the same armor. However, each server has a select handful of guilds that excel at raiding and don’t need to be spoon-fed loots, and eventually begin raiding those same instance’s heroic versions to get the same items – just with better numbers.

The Translation

Current PvP diehards are forced to attend PvE raids to acquire weaponry and a few other items in order to compete on the PvP battlefield, however players focused on PvE have absolutely no reason to ever engage in PvP. The heart of these changes can likely best be prepared to early Arena seasons, where you had players with no interest in Arena play engaging in it to acquire what was considered “welfare epics” – or items you could get with significantly less effort than the item was worth. When personal ratings were put on items that then made players dedicate themselves a bit to getting them, people with no interest in Arena left it, allowing competent Arena players to play against other competent, Arena players.

In addition, the battleground diehards that may only be outfitted in Furious gear at the moment and comprising the middle of the pack on the scoreboard will begin wearing (and wielding) just as good as gear as the people who occasionally hop in a random to play with their new toys. No longer will the battlegrounds exist that consist of the Bryntroll-wielding hybrids in full Icecrown gear dominating the Tyranical Beheader-wielding ones in full Furious.

In Short…

You stay out of my battlegrounds and I’ll quit tagging tagging along praying for a weapon drop.


3 Responses to “Cataclysm PvP Changes”

  1. skinnemuva Says:

    I am one of those Tyrannical-Beheader ones. I only play 5-10 hours a week and I try to spend most of my time in bgs with either my 80 DK, or one of my multiple toons I am leveling through bgs. My only option for a weapon (no arena team) is heroics and even then, I would rather not have to do any PvE to get gear. This will be a great change for me!

  2. Ya this really is a long time coming, cause really it hasn’t been since the original BG’s in vanilla when people were completely awarded with a full gearset based upon PvP. Even then, the rewards were waaaaaaay too time-consuming to obtain in relation to what it took to earn them – so really this should be the first change that rewards the battleground diehards in a manner equivalent to the rest.

  3. Gearbone Says:

    Ill jump on the “I approve” list – ZERO, Zlich, Nadda interest in PvE with my PvP toon – This is a welcome change and its too bad we have to wait for Cata for it to happen.

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