Glacial Falls Ganking

If there was an award given to the easiest place to score an honorable kill, I find it hard to imagine a better place than here. Other than being a hotly contested zone for herbalists and miners, all the elements that are included in a Fish Feast can be scored from here as well. Being that I profit a bit from selling these (due to the small amount of time I spend there), clearing the waterways is a daily routine.

Now regardless of the objectives that my cooking, fishing or jewelcrafting dailies give me, all of them pass a short distance away from the east side of Wintergrasp at some point. Now to put perspective on this, here you have an Alliance member out in the open, main weapon equipped being a fishing pole and virtually no self-buffs. I, on the other hand, land just a short distance away to apply bone shield and horn of winter to then swoop down to 4-shot casters or watch a paladin bubble-hearth. I mean, put yourself in that situation – you stare at a bobber for a while and before you can gather yourself you’re completely diseased and have been hit 3 times by a sword before you can hit your equipment macro if you even have one outside of the character pane.

It’s the equivalent of using a giant bazooka to take candy from a baby.

But occasionally something happens that just makes me stop to re-examine the thought process of some people. I was bored due to the lack of playing lately and nobody was at Glacial Falls for a change, so I camped right smack in full view of passerby’s in hopes of getting attacked, but instead a 23k hp’d Death Knight named Craon lands in the middle of the lake and begins fishing.

Now I’ve attracted a bit of a PvP audience on the site but realize that a lot of people not necessarily into it still frequent here, and I thank you for that. But many of you just said to yourself, “They’re just finishing a daily, dick”. Again, this is where my creed of “Red = Dead” comes into play, but even that aside – aren’t my gladiator spikes supposed to be scaring people away from trying that kind of stuff? I rock a 5700 Gearscore in pure PvP gear and top out over 32k hps – you’d think you may land slightly out of my line of sight?

So I guess to offer something worthwhile to the conversation other than an easy place to score kills, I typically do my fishing under one of the bridges when in Wintergrasp. I stated before that I will often fish next to Lieutenant Murp for the added NPC protection, but most bridges provide a small bit of land under them that you can stand on (or just Path of Frost). This way no miners or early arriving WG combatants can tee up on you for target practice prior to the battle starting.


2 Responses to “Glacial Falls Ganking”

  1. mandazar Says:

    You had to use the picture when i mistyped the word idoit, I mean idiot. Laugh, thanks dude.

  2. It almost seems like everyone who wants to insult someone like that ends up misspelling the word – just makes it so great when it happens.

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