Syzygy, Arcane Mage PvP

As mentioned on my Twitter page I still have about 2 more weeks of scheduling hell, so until then updates may be far between. But, that doesn’t mean I that I can’t post a badass PvP video in my place.

See, the dirty thing that I do is post these videos of other classes and then show them to guys in my crew, in particular being Mandazar. Every time I post a video is makes him want to roll that class, and after leveling a druid to 80 he went back and rolled a mage because he wasn’t happy with him. Well, here’s finally a video for you that will reinforce your class decision.

No link for the actual mage because as it states at the beginning of the video, this account has been sold. However, it appears to that all pieces of gear came from Vault of Archavon and Honor.

And I apologize for the repetitive song showing up in the videos, apparently more people think that’s a cool song than me.


4 Responses to “Syzygy, Arcane Mage PvP”

  1. mandazar Says:

    Hey thanks for the shout out. That is all true though. I did change because of this video and one other that Vikt showed me. I’m really glad I did too because I love my mage!!

  2. We suffer from the same disease apparently. 🙂

  3. skinnemuva Says:

    Wow, that is a pretty impressive video. Hopefully those 18k crits were against pve geared folk. I haven’t done much with 80 pvp, but I don’t recall ever getting crit for 18k even when I first got to 80 and had only 350ish resilience…

    • How scary is that though? I absolutely cannot imagine getting one-shot out in a battleground, but this guy just tears through people. I mean he says somewhere in the video that it’s all VoA and honor gear, so you’d have to assume if you’ve geared yourself accordingly it should be possible, right?

      I think the most I can recall getting hit for (doesn’t mean it is the most, but that I noticed) was a 10k Lava Burst and another time by a 9k Conflagrate. If a mage is left wide open to smoke me I die quick, but I guess I haven’t noticed a number even remotely close to these.

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