I’m Back

I can’t exactly say why I feel my post deserves theme music today, but after titling it I sang it the whole time I was uploading pictures. For that reason, hit play on the video and then remember to hold down shift when you click the pics so you don’t leave the site.

While I enjoy stroking my e-peen to the idea of being high in most categories, it’s not necessarily something I overly care about. That said, I hate it when I run into a DK who’s better than I am. After checking the armory of Duelist Tems from Arthas, I don’t feel all that bad anymore. For those of you scoring at home, he uses a PvP spec virtually identical to mine – so if you follow my specs then know there’s a ringing endorsement. In fact, Thejdawg (Balance Druid) and Essienlol (Spriest in this one) are nice templates for those PvP classes as well.

This one isn’t like a major feat or anything, but this was a battleground where a member of my crew came along and played well. Gimmedahealz, otherwise known as the worst-named restoration druid playing WoW today kept me and a relatively newly 80’d-geared Dreyjin alive well enough to 3-0 a Warsong Gulch.

Same group, just had to fight quite a bit for this win. We were down close to 700-250 at the start, as the Alliance took their 2 nodes as well as Fel Reaver off the start. The tide changed when the 3 of us went to Draenai Ruins and held off 5 of them during a 5+ minute battle, but that increased attention before several more showed up allowed us a few flag caps as well as the opportunity to take back the Blood Elf Tower. The screen doesn’t do this win much justice, but this is a classic case of where noobie battleground participants can’t pass up an uneven fight, and seeing 3 of us was just too much to keep them all away. When we died it was honestly 8 on 3 with most of them on their 2nd and 3rd spawn.

Oh no I didn’t win both SotA’s I got into this weekend did I? Believe it or not, the BG I loathe the most has me sitting undefeated in it since the random battleground change. In this fight the Alliance managed to break into our courtyard with 4 minutes to go, however did the unspeakable and capped the final graveyard. Since I never wax poetic about this horrid BG (but actually fun I’ve found with competent players), DO NOT EVER CAP THE FINAL GY. What happens is you allow the enemy to spawn right next to the relic, and unless you are dominating in the individual matchups you’ve just capped yourself into a stalemate. Also, you know how much of a sucker I am for a well-played warlock, and as you can see Fadedness of Lothar is pretty badass.

This is just an example of the beauty of a pocket priest, as Chiarore of Bloodhoof jumped on board my war mammoth and followed me as I capped a couple of flags. The opposition was pretty good, but simply the 2 of us running in and out of the flag room was more coordination then the alliance had as they battled the other 8 Horde who insisted on gaining control of the middle. Of note, no stat exists on the board there that mentions how well anyone did fighting in the middle, but if you check the honor of the priest and I you’d think people would learn something.

The last one here was a defense of Wintergrasp last night, which was the only thing I did other than list 120 gems on the Auction House to make up for lost time. I managed not to die in this one, did half a million in damage and got credit for 171 honorable kills. Not my best, but certainly one of my better showings. What happened in this one is the Alliance got pigeon-holed into one area, and then continually ran back into the same hole in the wall where the entire Horde was sitting and waiting for them. We owned every workshop, had 20+ demolishers focused on the breach and just farmed people for the better part of 15 minutes. A word of advice, poking a hole ANYWHERE else in the fortress would’ve allowed a win, as 2 holes is simply too much for the average WG defense PuG to defend.


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