Celestial Steed

This is one of the many side effects that can occur when you have a hardware failure that keeps you out of playing for a week…you end up buying things from the website instead of the Auction House. Against my better judgement I logged onto the main site and purchased the mount for $25 knowing damn well I would hardly ride it, but after hearing that Eleet bought one and I can only assume Halomoo did as well…eh, I broke down and bought it.

It is a cool mount, but as can be expected every other player in Dalaran has one. Couple the lack of uniqueness with the fact it has nothing to do with PvP, it just doesn’t do anything special for me so as of now it doesn’t even have a button on my taskbar. Yes, I do realize that only gladiator mounts are flying-capable and a reward from PvP, but chalk this one up to my selective sense of judgement where I only choose to enforce that stipulation whenever I want.

Anyway, glad to be back but I have some battlegrounds to run.


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