Destro Warlock PvP

If there is anything better than watching a well-played warlock in PvP, it’s a well-played warlock in PvP who owns at making videos. Enter Boneshock, a destruction warlock who clearly shows that the two can exist in the same.

The effects in this video are excellent, and the fact that it includes footage from battlegrounds and a lot of world PvP makes it that much better. This footage was taken around the time when the Isle of Quel’Danas was the way to progress prior to Wrath of the Lich King being released.

Oh, and before you ask, the wings are a client-side proc from the Vengeful Gladiator’s Felweave Cowl that was available from Arena Season #3.


One Response to “Destro Warlock PvP”

  1. sexy.. Grimm was once a warlock. well, he had a brother.. grimmjack.

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