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I know, I know, you kill LOTS of people; however, there is always that one epic fight of underdog vs. overpowered character or the battleground that is beyond repair that magically turns around at the last moment and smashes the opposing side.

Give us your most exciting PvP moment, Orc to human/draenei/gnome/night elf/dwarf in single handed combat OR a great BG moment that still makes you want to go ::pump fist:: AWESOME!

This post comes from Windsoar celebrating her 6 months of blogging over at Jaded Alt, and her gift to commenters on that post was lending her abilities as a muse to inspire other blogs. The above was my reply, so:

My Greatest PvP Moment

I actually really had to dig on this topic. My favorite battles tend to always involve something being at stake, and World of Warcraft doesn’t necessarily measure up to other MMO’s in that sense. Having essentially no backlash for a death in-game, a PvP loss to someone is often only as short-lived as it takes for them to run back with a few friends from the graveyard to blow their cooldowns and /spit on you. No items were lost, no territory was gained and all that was accomplished was on one end someone avenged a “ganker”, and for the “ganker” he feels like beating his head against the wall.

With most encounters and battlegrounds standing void of intense emotion, there is one particular instance in where something I did in this game that provided an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. This feat involved a non-tangible item representing the stakes that I consider necessary to exact raw emotion, and this item is pride. To be more specific, my original guild ‘The Twelve Prophets’ managed to attack the very pride of the entire Alliance. This was not just on Mannoroth either, it involved the forums for the U.S. and Euro-servers alike, all frothing at the mouth at the aspect of King Magni Bronzebeard dying for the first time…

Many of the original members of ‘The Twelve Prophets’ on Mannoroth (now ‘Predestined‘ on Tortheldrin) came to the World of Warcraft directly from the MMO Everquest, guilded under the label of ‘Torrent‘ which included many members from the original ‘Twelve Prophets‘ that included entrepreneurs who went on to create IGE, an MMORPG gaming services company (an interesting read in itself). The ‘Torrent’ group was bred on PvP domination, engaging in battles over mob spawns involving more than 180 people, and for an 11-month period we successfully re-energized a once rich PvP climate on Vallon Zek. After 5 years in Everquest many of us were searching for a gaming alternative, and thus our fortunes were born in World of Warcraft.

The PvP-zest wained quickly in a game that failed to reward server domination, but our PvE aspirations exploded. We were the world and server 2nd on the Twin Emps in AQ40, world 3rd on Ragnaros and held nearly all server-firsts in Molten Core. Our regiment became a job to progress through WoW content, and for many of the PvP heavy members the social-life unfriendly playtimes drove our numbers down exponentially. To combat this, the aspect of taking down an Alliance leader for the first time was proposed on the guild forums, and on this particular night two 40 man raids were summoned below the throne in Ironforge to attempt this.

As could be expected, 80 epic-equipped level 60 characters dwelling in an Alliance capital resulted in a constant stream of graveyard-rushing Alliance members. As our hunters managed to pull King Magni into the tunnel we engaged him, and our DPS was just enough to where we were able to progressively wear him down from his health regeneration, as well as fend off constant waves of Alliance attempting to save their King. The server lag was at times unbearable, the deaths on our side many, but the well-oiled machine of “12P” eventually took him down to the melodramatic conclusion of a 2 gold loot.

Following his death, the realm and general forums on the World of Warcraft forums exploded with threads about how we glitch-killed Bronzebeard. One of the largest threads on the forums was over 60 pages long. Our acting guild leaders at the time, Seretogis and Taelon, advised us all to screenshot what we could and upload the images on the 12P server in the event the explosion of QQ-eyes would call our accomplishment into question and result in a ban from the game. We were prepared to defend what we had done to the end, however the situation never arose.

On that epic night, ‘The Twelve Prophets’ managed to enrage an entire player base and elicited a fury in protesters that had not been seen to that point in vanilla WoW. We were praised by our Horde brethern, and ripped by the Alliance for either being hacks, glitchers or people with no lives. For the next month before my 4-year hiatus from MMO’s and subsequent return as Vikt, donning that guild tag above my head carried a significant amount of praise. To date, this event of what we did best at the time – PvE & PvP – still stands as my most exciting moment in-game.

As of today, only brief remnants of this accomplishment still exist in server history threads.


9 Responses to “Muse Inspiration”

  1. Windsoar Says:

    That is an awesome story! Successful city to city fighting was so rare in vanilla WoW that it seems a shame its so easy to storm the defenses now-a-days. Thanks for the great memories 🙂

  2. I’m with you on that. As long as you hit Stormwind first it’s not a problem at all, the trick is in the commute to Ironforge and how it’s handled. Storming cities is cake.

    I was going to post on your thread to let you know that I finally finished the story but I was in a bit of a hurry this morning and hadn’t been around all day. Thanks for the idea and mostly for the incentive to punch in some of those terms in google to see the results and remnants of different places where old guild members ended up.

  3. 12P4-life!

  4. […] may not be the extent of my WoW fixation. I have dug up my warrior that I played in beta, with The Twelve Prophets and then discarded a week before we killed Ragnaros in Molten Core. By what you have gotten to know […]

  5. Darkhorse Says:

    This brings a tear to my eye! Beautiful! Who is this btw? Darkhorse here, 12P represent ;).

  6. I played Enzminger (60 warrior) for the first year+ with 12P (WoW), and I was part of the crew that came over from Vallon Zek (EQ) with Taelon, Seretogis and Sinklar. I was pretty much found defending Crossroads in Kalimdor and between Hillsbrad and Southshore in the Eastern Kingdom with Wilheim, Shoby and Mastahh until battlegrounds came out.

  7. […] you likely have already seen it (if not wtf?!). This video originally came out during my time with The Twelve Prophets, and for the longest time no one actually knew that it was a rehearsed video. The outcry over the […]

  8. Parabola Says:

    Funny what you find googling shit. Good read.

  9. I was Vaged (Mannoroth) and Clearrain (VallonZek)

    I was one of the few Alliance that figured out how to get to the King but I was too late.

    Oh and Hi Parabola.

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