OMG Leave Him Alone!

I was cleaning out my screenshots folder today when I came across this incident that I took multiple shots of back when it occurred. On December 19th, I had the unfortunate opportunity to be included in a battleground achievement group, and as you can probably tell by this picture you can gauge my reply.

I was running with the flag following the initial charge into the Silverwing Sentinel base with a few others when it became impossible to notice how many times the flag had been captured and returned before we even made it past midfield. The 3 of us were assaulted at the base of our tunnel and I lost the flag, and with the noise coming out of our flag room we all ran in to help upon resurrection.

Four Horde were standing around while 3 Alliance constantly would pick the flag up and drop it, and the remaining 2 people that ran in with me were slain by the 3 Alliance during the battle that just essentially left me as the last standing. The Horde in the room never helped during the battle that would have potentially been 7 on 3, and after being re-joined by one of the Horde that had accompanied me getting the flag we proceeded to destroy the Alliance that ran in every time afterwards. What we were met with was the screenshot above, reading, “leave him alone”.

Following a stalemate it became fruitless to defend from everyone, and the Horde were quick to offer us the opportunity to get our achievements in returning flags within the flag room. A General Chat-worthy name-calling fest ensued between the innocent and the boosters, but for whatever reasons I sat in the graveyard and rode it out essentially just hoping they had arranged it for the Horde to win (we didn’t).

I have plenty more screenshots in the very unlikely event that anyone would ever care, but the players involved came from the Zul’jin server and the names were Cappn, Charrge, Creedith, Darkcasterr and Nasum. Several Alliance appeared to be involved outside of this server but there were a few who were clearly not.

I mean, what can you do in this instance? I can say that all the PvP achievements that I have came naturally, but if eventually you fly the tag of “Battlemaster” over your head, could you actually place pride in that title knowing what you did to go about getting it?


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