Cataclysmic Execution?

The newest issue of PC Gamer UK is out, and apparently has an article convincing old WoW players on why they should come back. In the article, 50 reasons are given which  includes everything from gameplay to lore, where a larger explanation exists on the future fate of the Horde. As appears in the magazine (and obviously – SPOILER ALERT):

As well as setting his sights the Alliance Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, et al, Hellscream is also stirring up trouble for his own side. He’ll execute Tauren leader Cairn Bloodhoof for treason, throw most of the Undead and Blood Elves out from Orgrimmar and then redecorate the city in tasteful black iron. Smell that? That’s an epic shitstorm approaching.

Also mentioned in the article is more about Thrall, who apparently leaves Orgrimmar to take up a position as Guardian of Tirisfal, which would make sense with earlier reports that said Thrall was taking a bigger role than Warchief in Azeroth. Either way, if any of the information that has leaked out over the past few months is true then I think we can finally put aside these sanctuary cities and joint ventures on taking down villains to get back to doing what we queued for rolling on a PvP server – killing each other.

And while I’m on cities, how awesome does “redecorate the city in tasteful black iron” sound? I have long loved Orgrimmar for its tribal charm with cinders filling the air and war drums beating, but an entire city in the image of Warsong Hold just sounds too good to be true.

Of note, it seems as if I am definitely in the minority in supporting this development. The QQ’ing on various forums on Hellscream’s promotion has been prevalent since the original announcement, seemingly always attacking him as a warmonger and speculating on how he will destroy the Horde. Well, you’ve seen my thoughts on it, and rest assured I have seen nothing that has changed my mind in the least.

Whichever side you’re on, I think many fail to accept that Blizzard would not do this without justification. Thrall and Cairn are universally admired by the players that have been involved with the Warcraft universe, so for events so radical to occur I am relatively certain we will see more than the two sides we have seen of Garrosh to date (pouting in Outlands straight to the badassness of Northrend).


2 Responses to “Cataclysmic Execution?”

  1. Groendell Says:

    If they do this they should allow intra-faction PvP. I mean what Tauren would want to follow this Hellscream guy if Cairn is executed? Plus then you could actually take care of your “fellow” Horde that took the ore node you were trying to mine until you aggroed some random mob.

  2. Awesome name btw.

    I’ve only played 2 Orcs so I have little allegiance to anyone but Thrall, and if a certain race killed him off I assume I would be less likely to want to be allied to them as well. I think it would be hard for any Tauren to accept, and being that I wouldn’t assume Blizzard to further split the Horde they have to provide a compelling reason to do this if they plan to further ramp up PvP in Cataclysm.

    And ya, those nodes. Nothing pisses me off more than landing in Icecrown on a Titanium node only to have someone swoop in and grab it when I’m clearing an aggroed mob. You can call them a dirty name all you want afterwards, but being that they’re unguilded with a barely legible name you know you’re not going to get a reply in English if at all. Just one time I’d like to Death Grip them right back down and leave them with a nice corpse run for their trouble.

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