Elder Vikt

I won’t go into changes in stats because I’m pretty sure nothing is different from the Love Fool achievement, but I finished this Saturday morning which leaves me just a few holidays short of What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. As normal, I won’t bare a title above my head until it has something to do with PvP that not everyone and their brother can get, so the shot you see of it here is the only time it has been up.

Pompous? Yes. I mean, I spend a lot of time doing these achievements for titles I won’t wear and for a mount that I won’t ride because – I dunno, it’s not black? I’m really not even sure why I do these to begin with but I suppose since I’m just Noble Gardener, For The Children and The Flame Keeper away I’ll keep chugging along.


One Response to “Elder Vikt”

  1. […] in traditional fashion, my numbers from Elder Vikt are significantly better, but I apparently forgot to have Horn of Winter active during that screen […]

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