Few Battleground Screens

This would be an example of what battlegrounds can be like when grouped with members of your own guild. This particular match was quite a ways back, but having Halo, Luna and Drunk to heal led to me being the equivalent of a battering ram. What I did find though was that the more people we put into our group, the better the competition we faced which led me to believe, “where are all the weak pugs I get stuck in against premades?”

This one lacks the prior exchange, but trying to convince Eleet to join me instead of running a few heroics while he was trying to gear up led to a discussion about how bad the Horde sucks at Isle of Conquest on US-Ruin. He reluctantly ran to get the daily, joined and watched me carve a path directly through the middle of the battlefield and then camp the Alliance base for a while until the rest got the gate open and we killed Halford Wyrmbane.

If I can post the good ones I can sure post the bad ones. This one is significant because of Dormammu, which if you just clicked his name now remember me praising him for camping my level 63-ass back in July. Well, this just in – he’s still really good. This was a battleground that I zoned into very late trying to get the daily done, but it was close enough that I welcomed the mark despite fighting out of the Defiler’s Den. You will notice the pally had one death, and you can blame my cooldowns for that (I mean, who focuses the 35k hp’d pally?).

Just to break up the monotony of BG scores, seriously….Operation Dumbo Drop! This wasn’t planned, I just got a kick out of the way it looked on the way down. You could really take some bizarre screens if you chose to take this concept and organize it with a premade.

Here I knew that I had killed quite a few people, but with Halo turning into a devout bluebie lately I had a few more deaths than I would have liked. That said, how ridiculous is that hunter’s battleground? If I knew (or better yet, cared) how to type in those characters I’d link you to his armory or something. On top of our games, we were losing this battle the entire way but managed to hold our main towers and kill theirs very late, making for a great match down to the end.

On this one I thought I was heading for my first wrecking ball match, but I died near the end and couldn’t get the kill shots I needed in the first place. In the same manner as the first screen of this post, along for the ride are Halo, Arccadun and Pollie – all guildies looking for a little blood.


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