I zoned into Wintergrasp early when a defensive queue opened up, and with whatever amount of time exists before the start I typically fly around and grab whatever mining nodes that I can. During my round on Saturday I see a green name plate (hunter) on top of the waterfall on the eastern side, to which I instantly land, root and inevitably render him as Glacial Salmon food.

(I’ve always seen Glacial Salmon as top of the food chain in WG).

This is every day for me. Every moment I’m online, without discretion, if I see red it becomes dead – it is even my guild’s motto, and the primary reason as to why I selected Bleeding Hollow. Even one-shotting lower levels that choose to run along the beaten path as I travel around collecting Elder achievements is something I absolutely will do, and should I choose to take a lower level into contested territory I assume the same would happen to me.

Now for the reasoning of this post – Letters From Birdfall was linked on if you followed a link in my “Old Crafty” post concerning battleground marks. In this article, the author attempts to distinguish that an actual person plays behind the avatar and in general expresses disdain for “gankers”, and then in a few more words essentially condemns grief. Now I don’t question the relative disdain that she has for PvP despite being on a PvP server (and she makes no beef about moving if her guild could), but what I find interesting in conjunction with the post are the comments. Some encourage her to move to Soandso server where ganking is not the normal, others say how it ruined their experience and so forth. In her post she even makes several references to how the worst amongst them ruin other player’s experiences.

See, here’s where I become the dick. I live for that stuff. I level my character in a sense of danger, and I even commended the first time I got my ass handed to me repeatedly by an Alliance character. I respect people wanting a fair fight as well as people who see the other side of characters and having no reason to dislike them, however my view of this whole Alliance vs. Horde battle in-game is just that – I kill Alliance characters regardless of their situation and I expect the same. I’m not one to argue “that’s what the game/server is intended for” as I have expressed my disdain for Thrall’s direction in alliances, but again my view of this is red = dead, and without the excitement provided to me by that feature I doubt I would play WoW to begin with.

As a result, everything I do in-game is accompanied by some sort of precaution. When I do my fishing daily in Wintergrasp, I stand directly beside Lieutenant Murp with a pet out, and should you attack me with a fishing pole you have those 2 to contend with while I get my sword out (it’s the one that says “Bad Motherfucker” on it)*. If I am farming a jewelcrafting daily I sweep the area first to eliminate threats (which could be argued to create them more so), if I sit afk I do so in a hidden or heavily guarded area, and if I receive a queue for a bg or daily while in an unsafe area I instantly go airborne before accepting that queue. I do realize that I am going to die, but I don’t like to and I always take precautions in order to not.

If you like fair battles (to an extent) form an arena team, and if you like even battles join a battleground – both of these options exist for the PvP and PvE-minded people regardless of your server setup. Now not at Birdfall as I basically said I respect her opinion, but what exactly are we supposed to do on a PvP server that contains absolutely no reason to engage in World PvP? In Everquest we fought for zones and dungeons, in Dark Age of Camelot and Shadowbane we fought for territory, and in WoW we fight for…nothing. Fun? Well, I do. And here’s to hoping Cataclysm offers me more incentive to do so than that.


3 Responses to “Ganking?”

  1. Halomoo Says:

    Dirty Pker

  2. Turungo Says:

    My name is Turungo and I support this message

  3. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    you have gone back to full crimson, sir..


    makes me so proud!

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