Old Crafty

In case you haven’t heard yet, Blizzard is removing Battleground marks in the next patch. This is long overdue, considering getting the items that require these marks takes more effort than getting 1800 in Arena and are far too old to be of use to anyone. The kicker to the whole deal though, is that currently on the PTR these marks are being turned into 2k honor a piece.

So, my weekend has been spent in acquiring as many battleground marks as possible, and while doing so I have finally found time to fish up Old Crafty. Now off to Ironforge!


5 Responses to “Old Crafty”

  1. Salty title 4tw!

  2. Old Crafty!!! Sweet catch dude!!

  3. Ha there’s some sick running around to do to get the Salty title, if that comes it’ll be a long time down the road. Plus this screenshot can serve as a reminder for Arcc and your spec ideas.

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