Vikt the Love Fool

I was trying to save this post for when I finished the Lunar Festival as well, but I am struggling with the motivation to do it so I can’t guarantee when that is coming. However, given that I want the meta reward that accompanies all the world events (even though I’ll never ride it) I know I’ll find the drive to grind it out.

In the Merrymaker post I did my PvE changes as well in terms of gear, and even though I’ve tried I honestly just cannot bring myself to care about that gearset enough to keep posting it. So, the differences in gear from I guess February 14th (when this was posted) and December 25th for my PvP gearset is:

  • +110 strength
  • +271 stamina
  • +446 armor
  • +611 weapon damage
  • +195 attack power
  • +2.63% crit
  • finally hit capped again

I remember changing gear from the Titan-Forged to Gladiator right at the end of Season #7 and not having the will to temporarily fix my gearset with new pieces on the way, so I sat well below the hit cap for a bit. However now I think I sit at something like 5.07% (PvP hit cap is 5%).


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