Master of Wintergrasp

So that’s how it rolls sometimes with Achievement Screenshotter. I do something cool and then get a picture of myself getting owned in the process. With Tenacity. Against three crappy players. Feel free to remind me how much I suck in game.

Getting this last achievement was a bitch, to be honest. Winning 100 games is really just a commitment to logging in and keeping a timer on it, but regardless of what I tried to do in getting the Flamewatch and Shadowsight Tower parts of the Ranger achievement I would either run down against a defensive Alliance team with Tenacity x 4, or we drilled the main fort while no one went south (either faction) – kind of the way it works on Bleeding Hollow most times.

As a quick side story I grabbed a catapult and ran over to the tower and started hitting it when the trio attacked me – the only thing was that I jumped out when they got close because I honestly could care less about the tower. The gravy part of this is that the mage and hunter continued hitting the empty, unattended catapult as I whipped out everything minus the Army spell in AE fashion. The mage died first, and the hunter went down simultaneously with me when the DK dropped me.


3 Responses to “Master of Wintergrasp”

  1. gratz bro!

  2. […] can be scored from here as well. Being that I profit quite a bit from selling these (due to the small amount of time I spend there), clearing the waterways is a daily […]

  3. […] play in Wintergrasp a lot, and so much so that I achieved Veteran status in the zone 7 months ago. Well, being one of the best places to bank honor beyond your 75k cap I still queue for it […]

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