Maybenextime, L1 Warrior

This weekend I was milking Dragonfin Angelfish between the neutral Tauren site on the west side of Dragonblight and Lake Indu’le, which is so eloquently highlighted in the above map because no one seems to know where it is. Anyway, I catch about a stack every 20 minutes and they sell for 9.5 gold per when made into aĀ Dragonfin Filet – which amounts to a little over 500 gold per hour.

While fishing at Lake Indu’le I generally walk around on the water via Path of Frost, but while fishing a level 80 hunter named Lawtonn lands across from me and throws his line into the same node. He’s going to die, oh yes, but seriously – who the hell tries that? Here we have an 18k healthed hunter standing just out of casting range attempting to steal the fish from the same node as the self-proclaimed Ender of Worlds? Surely you jest!

I switch to PvP gear and run at him to which he apparently saw and started casting his mount. I chained him when I got in range but he managed to fly away, but rather than worry about him I went right back to fishing. Not a minute later a pet attacks me, I fall in the water and you know that sense of panic you would assume get if you didn’t know how to swim? Well, I was getting hammered by hunter spam with a pet on me, but I eventually got out of the water and ripped the dude apart.

When Lake Indu’le was finished I went back and hit 2 nodes at the Tauren camp, but within 5 minutes was back at the lake. Again…pet, hunter spam, switch to PvP gear – dead hunter. This time was a little different, I had to use a potion and tap some life a few times, however same end result – but I figured out why when I put my weapon away.

Jeweled Fishing Pole

Apparently I didn’t hit my gear-switch button hard enough, but ya – I beat the guy with a fishing pole.

Overly confident I stayed on land this time and waited for him, and he didn’t disappoint. With no immunity this time (the second time he attacked from the net above me, first time from land) I killed him without any problem at all with my pole, and thought so much of it that I had to create a level 1 character to make sure he was seeing this.

I thought maybe I could get some hate /tells back but to no avail, the dude was actually a good sport about it. Not many things would lead for me to create an Alliance character, but this was so funny that I just had to let him (and you!) know about it.


3 Responses to “Maybenextime, L1 Warrior”

  1. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:

    You beat him to death with a fishing pole..


    I LoL-ed IRL.. quite alot actually. šŸ™‚

    Well played sir. Well played.

  2. My initial thoughts were along the lines of me being a noob, but then I was like…ya – that was pretty cool!

  3. epic ownage right there.

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