For the Horde!

Friday night my guild put together a “For The Horde!” raid for second time in as many weeks – except this time all the Alliance leaders were up. For your own sake in your raids, do check the leaders availability prior to organizing a raid and charging into Stormwind.

The most important thing in these raids is communication, as being with a large amount of people where inevitably half of them are not guildies can be frustrating (and half the non-guildies are morons). As a raid leader you want your instructions to mean something, so when you speak make sure it pertains to the organization of the raid and you voice objectives well. Designate known-people and mark them as the people to follow and if anyone cannot do so then they were probably going to wreck your raid to begin with.

Have people rez at the spirit healers if they die and wait to summon them until you get to the next objective. The longer you remain in either of the 2 major Alliance cities the more prone your raid is to failing, so move quickly in and out without any roaming PvP (where above-stated morons go into the city and /shout “D E D” or “bur” to call attention). Your rez points will be the tram after Wrynn, then everyone should have a way to Dalaran following Ironforge (make sure people do not release on a death vs. the boss so they get their achievements). From Orgrimmar you fly to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale before moving to Darnassus to slay the Night Elf, and then wait to resurrect again until the docks outside the city before you board the boat to go to Exodar.

If you moved efficiently through Stormwind and Ironforge the leaders on Kalimdor are almost a pushover in terms of resistance. The only thing holding you back is your leaders’ knowledge of the zones, where in this case had I been the leader we would’ve never found either of them.

Regardless, an entire year after re-starting WoW and in month #7 of Vikt’s life I have finally finished the only raid I have wanted to do since I came back. And if you follow these simple, organizational guidelines then hopefully you’re opening the same letter from Thrall shortly thereafter as well.


3 Responses to “For the Horde!”

  1. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:

    of the horde!

  2. For some reason i thought you already had this done.

  3. Ha I think I was one of the last ones to join a successful group. I always get in the ones where half the raid goes there ahead of you for random PvP, then by the time the rest of the raid gets there you have 120 Alliance to deal with on the other side of the tram zone-in.

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