Grand Black War Mammoth

Reading Muqq’s post recently following guild Ensidia’s ban for allegedly killing The Lich King using exploits got me to thinking. No, not about the encounter (I could care less) – but 3rd paragraph where he talks about the homogenization of the World of Warcraft…it’s true. Almost no matter how you try to differentiate yourself from others of the same faction, same guild or same class – eventually you all become the same.

As a DK I run through Dalaran only to find a mirror image of myself everywhere. The T9 shoulder models were not only used for the very best in slot, but also for the introductory gear. The stats were much different, but if I stand side-by-side with a DK from the top guild on our server – our appearance is the same minus the weapon. T10 looks to be doing the exact same.

Looking over Vikt, there is nothing that I have that sets my avatar apart from anyone else. My sword is rare but easily attainable if you have the patience to not spend money, my 5300 Gearscore in PvP is attainable by anyone who chooses to match it as well as with my stable of PvP war mounts – if you set up a bot and run battlegrounds…you’ll eventually have them too.

That is until last night. My lack of time spent farming Alliance in Wintergrasp has been down lately, but after a victory last night I joined 9 other guildies who hadn’t run the instance yet as well. Koralon, Emalon and Archavon went down quickly and dropped upgrades for only those who forgot we were on a PvP server, but then came my first shot at the new guy:

Nothing to it (though I’m guessing 25-man is likely a little bit harder), but when the loots pop up my heart stopped when I saw the Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth. Now my guild started rewarding long-timers with rare mounts following an Onyxia-mount debacle (this guy), but when the raid leader said to roll need because he already had it I let it rip…pulled a 94 and a whole bunch of “gratz” /tells.

I can’t say how great this worked out. I purchased the battered hilt last week instead of a travelling mammoth which I had been saving for (tired of Halo not healing me cause I out-run him to where we’re going), but that whole issue with me not wanting to ride anything but a PvP ground-mount just ate at me. If the mount doesn’t say “Black” in there, then I don’t really care for it and am looking for an alternative (save the pale horse).

But now, to have an ultra-rare mount that fits my personal expectations as well as to own it without a ninja-loot and a transfer is just unheard of.


7 Responses to “Grand Black War Mammoth”

  1. You’re so right about everything being the same. Even names aren’t alwaysw so unique these days. I guess the only thing you can really have that’s your own is the way you play.


  2. agree

  3. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:


  4. And not only just in appearance and items, but in Blizzard’s campaign of “bring the player, not the class” you have a homogenization of those as well. As a DK I don’t have that much of a problem out-dpsing a Hunter, Mage, Rogue or Warlock, and I have seen DK’s tank much better than Warriors and even Druids – another hybrid class.

    I understand why things are this way in order to appeal to more people, but again – there is really no identity with your avatar anymore. Like Diegan said, the only thing you can have of your own is your style of play.

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