3.3.2 PvP Gear Changes

If you have ever wondered exactly how much honor you want to have available for the start of a new Arena season, know that the answer sits somewhere around 250k. I mentioned that I was sitting around this mark last week and only managed another 7k there after, and when Season #8 released Tuesday I bought every possible upgrade without having to kill the first Alliance character.

The system has changed a bit though. In Season #7 (Relentless), you could buy Season #5 gear (Deadly) completely with honor and Season #6 (Furious) gear with an easily attainable Arena rating (sub-1500) or later in the season for Triumph badges. Any piece of current season gear required at least a 1200 Arena rating, and for the non-Arena junky that essentially guaranteed you would at most ever rock full Furious Gladiator gear. This season (Season #8) you have the option to purchase 4 pieces of current season (Wrathful) gear straight out of the box without an Arena rating for a considerable amount of honor (Neck, Back, Bracer, Ring), as well as buy all the Relentless gear with honor and arena points – NO arena rating required. Additionally Wintergrasp has added a new vendor selling 251 level shoulders, neck and back pieces (equal to Relentless) which gives you the option to upgrade with another currency while you work towards your 5/5 Gladiator bonus.

In addition to the more obtainable Gladiator gear this season, you are finally able to purchase Battlemaster trinkets from S7. When I was playing a Human DK I really wanted one of these because of the racial PvP insignia, but I’m presently curious about how much fun this will be to play with versus the Greatness card and insignia I use now. Worst case scenario I have Lichborne, but my mobility is always what I considered a strong point of my class. For a lack of a better paragraph to list this under, but the highest level insignia is also now purchasable and it has an unbelievable amount of resilience on it.

The changes in gear have added the biggest stat boost I have seen at once in the time I have played. I jumped over 3k health and now sit less than 200 away from 30k unbuffed, and after blowing my Horn of Winter I sit at nearly 4900 attack power. When all my bells and whistles proc (Fallen Crusader, Greatness, Relic) my gargoyle is popping people for 2500 per shot. Seriously, I am a bitch to fight against now.

The worst part of all this is that I have very limited PvP time this week, so by the time I get a chance to slaughter people my preparation for the season change will be for not because everyone has had time to gear up. I dunno, at least I don’t suck.


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