Defending Thrall

Sadly this is really the first time I have had the chance to fight alongside Thrall inside his throne room. I’ve disrupted many setups in the Orgrimmar arena, however none have ever made it to the throne room when I have been around. Well just my luck, I port into Orgrimmar via Dalaran only to see a green nameplate run by me. Chains of Ice, few hits and she dies. When I root the second person who is trying to run from me I realize that they’re going for Thrall.

All told I picked off 4 in route to the throne room, and the group was engaged when I got there. Pro tip – don’t attack the tank or dps, it means nothing. Stun, silence, fear – do whatever you can to the healers, and it’s all over from there. When the smoke cleared  I counted 5 others in the room with me, but a few others eventually gave up their blue tags to kill people trying to rez in the room. Another pro tip – if you die killing an enemy leader, rez at the spirit healer and save yourself a half hour…seriously.

It may have been a gimp raid, I dunno. The raid included a human rogue named Nerk who I’ve ran into a number of times and is damn tough (he’d own the quest dork), but there was really only 3 of us who I’d be scared of in the room (the Tempest and Totem guy, and yours truly). I guess all those times of wrecking a Drek’thar attempt has now paid off in defense of the Warchief.


3 Responses to “Defending Thrall”

  1. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:

    Your colors just changed from blue to a deep purple.


  2. And before too long you’re going to remove all that blue-ish tint from me and pronounce me a full-blown red again, right?

  3. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:

    So sayeth teh shepard.

    So sayeth teh flock!

    I know you bleed red. It will come back eventually… 🙂

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