Arena Season 8 Preparation

You know I always wondered why people obsess about pixelated items in a video game with virtually no tangible value…and then I see mounts like this one and think to myself, “I’d about pay anything to get one of those…”

At any rate, that’s the Season 8 Wrathful Gladiator Frostwyrm. And while I’m showing the mount, here’s the Wrathful Gladiator gear that you’ll (I’ll) be striving for when Patch 3.3.2 hits – which brings me to my next point. Arena Season 8 cannot begin without a content patch, and the content patch is not ready…hence no new arena season.

So, as a devout PvP’er that was completely stocked up on items in preparation of the new Arena season, I now begin another week of increasing the amount of items I have stocked up to buy Arena gear with. I have over 1200 stone shards, 150 WG marks, I converted my Arena points to commendations already and I’ve been honor capped since (what seems like) the beginning of time. I don’t have a lot of BG badges so I suppose I can increase them, but the badge I need the most of is Strand of the Ancients and I swear my battlegroup is ridiculously clueless on how that one works. I think when I did the math last night I was sitting at around 250k honor.

I guess here goes grinding out another 50k in hopes the patch is ready next Tuesday.


3 Responses to “Arena Season 8 Preparation”

  1. Bad ass mount, the pvp gear looks like shit lol.

  2. Totally agree.

    The DK would be the reason I never wear a helm graphic, the pally looks like he has a smile on his crotch, and the shaman and priests are just meh. I think the warrior is pretty cool and the rogue theoretically could be cool if he didn’t appear to have bellbottoms similar to the High Elf look in EQ I couldn’t stand.

    Far and away winners imo are the mage and warlock, both of those classes look badass. I wonder when the DK’s will get a helm that covers their face with a skull?

  3. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    I think the war helm looks like pure yuck. Gimee a full face helm anyday.

    I should be online tonite. Faction work has improved my standing…

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