Warrior Kill Rate

With Grimmjack beginning to equip his warrior I thought I would provide the same motivation that I had in beta. This video may be perhaps the most famous video ever produced for the World of Warcraft, and after stumbling through archives I found the original version I had downloaded back in 2005.

It’s not a PvP video but I still tagged it as such, so if you hit the PvP Videos category to the right this will come up just the same as the previous ones that have been linked. The video can also be viewed on my Youtube page under uploads, but there’s not a lot of video on there yet so it shouldn’t be too difficult anyway.

Nurfed still exists today as one of the premier guilds in WoW, and Indalamar was immortalized in WoW lore with the quest to discover “The Fate of Ramaladni” (Indalamar spelled backwards) back with the original version of Naxxramas.


3 Responses to “Warrior Kill Rate”

  1. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    sweetness. its going into my favorites.

  2. Long been one of my favorites.

  3. Grimmjakk-Tahh Says:

    Actually, now that Ive watched the whole thing, that video was one of the inspirations for me to create an undead warrior in the first place..

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