0/1 Battered Hilt

What a great showing I made on this roll.


6 Responses to “0/1 Battered Hilt”

  1. Ha, the lowest roll I’ve ever done was a 2.

  2. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    your /random 100-fu is weak. roll better next time!

  3. Oh on top of this the Reins of the Blue Drake dropped following a random Occulus that I had to explain to everyone as we went thru it, and the guy who ended up with that just spammed Eregos with his basic attack on the green dragon.

    At least those aren’t rolled on, Blizzard just randomly awards them in the sack. So instead of chalking that one up to shitty luck, I blame Blizzard for raping me on that one.

  4. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    wtb occulus run X6. if i win a drake, i’ll give it to ya.

  5. I do it everyday, if it drops its yours.

  6. Now I only have to instance for this to recoup my costs from purchasing it.

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