Cataclysm PvP

For some time I have wanted to post some of my ideas on how PvP would fare when Cataclysm launches in the not-near future, aside from my already posted ideas of how great it will be with Garrosh Hellscream taking over the Horde. With his incredible disdain for the Alliance, Cataclysm looks to be a rebirth of PvP in every aspect from lore to the proposed game mechanics. However, the greatest pieces of information to come out of Blizzard panels to date is that they plan to address battlegrounds on multiple fronts.

The biggest news that has surfaced appears to be the arrival of rated battlegrounds, where there will be a featured battleground each week and all wins in it will count towards your overall rating. The more wins you accrue the higher your rating will be, as it does not appear that losses will negatively impact it. Your rating as well as arena points will contribute to your ability to purchase equipment, with arena points being made available similar to the PvP dailies right now so as to address people who prefer large-scale PvP versus arenas.

Items rumored to be made available for purchase so far include current season PvP gear, which means no more previous season set pieces to those who prefer not to play arenas. Blizzard does maintain that there will be a difference between the elite and the non-elite (much like different varieties of weapons now at 1800 and 2200 ratings), and to make the process of obtaining these through battlegrounds less of a grind there will be a cap per week of what you can earn. Other items include mounts and vanity items assuming much like now.

Another big announcement that has been made is the ability to purchase old world PvP titles such as “High Warlord”, “Blood Guard” and others. This has always been a desire of mine to obtain, as grinding with my warrior still has him affixed with the “Centurion” title of which I desperately wish I could move to Vikt. While these titles are seen as a status symbol to the older characters, I am fairly sure that it will not be easy in the least to obtain the higher-ranked titles.

I mean, something tells me becoming “High Warlord Vikt” will be on par with what becoming “High Warlord Enzminger” was, but for those that have these titles currently this has become a pretty heated topic that practically ensures their eventual difficulty to obtain.

Another announcement made was the introduction of a new battleground called Tol Barad, which will basically be a cross between the Isle of Quel’Danas and Lake Wintergrasp with dailies and incentives to control the zone. I will be certain to cover this more as details come out, but again this is contributing to the idea of more PvP incentive-filled game.

Regardless, I hope to have most of the PvP achievements and titles done by the launch of Cataclysm and will look forward to the additional challenges presented when they are added. My largest beef so far has been that I had to play arenas to get what I have wanted, and the people I play with not only aren’t quite ready to play in them but we didn’t set out to gear up the best comps either. All this will change come Cataclysm, so the sooner this comes the better.


3 Responses to “Cataclysm PvP”

  1. Tahh-Grimmjakk Says:

    I wanna cool undead war-horsey, and a shiney sword and shield that glows, and a neato peachy mean lookin helm that makes me look uberfantastico coolness, and..

  2. It seems the current standard mount for our crew has been the White Skeletal Horse from the Argent Tournament, purchasable for 400g, 5 AT tokens and exalted with Undercity.

    I’d save my cash for artisan flying first, but that appears to be the current precedent Halo and I are setting.

    I am saving up cash for the Travelling Mammoth so I can carry you fools to where I’m going faster in BG’s, but I usually get distracted as I’m saving and buy the first shiny thing that I see.

  3. […] continuing to comment on Cataclysm PvP changes as they become available, more information became available this week as well as a clarification […]

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