Merrymaker Vikt

I actually got this a few days ago after opening presents, but took the screenshots that day and this is the result.

I decided to start including my DPS set because I’m doing quite a bit, but more on that later. For my PvP stats, since “Vikt the Pilgrim” I’ve gained 262 strength, 111 stamina, 194 armor, 598 attack power and 2.23% crit chance. I managed to get the S6 helm, shoulders and bp from an arena rating as well as the addition of S6 legs from VoA. I purchased the Darkmoon Card: Greatness which I use for both PvE & PvP, and most of all I added a new axe. I realize that I should probably use the Wintergrasp leggings instead of the ones I wear, however I like the look and +150 atk power I get from the set of Gladiator Gear versus the +hit rating that I need.

My PvE set is decent. I’m rocking a Sunreaver’s Champion’s Faceplate (232), The Executioner’s Vice (245), Koltira’s Shoulderplates of Conquest (232), Drape of the Undefeated (200), Koltira’s Battleplate of Conquest (232), Malykriss Vambraces (232), Koltira’s Gauntlets of Triumph (245), Belt of the Singing Blade (226), Koltira’s Legplates of Conquest (232), Grinning Skull Boots (232), Bloodshed Band (245), Band of Stained Souls (232), Needle-Encrusted Scorpion (232), Darkmoon Card: Greatness (200), Tyrannical Beheader (232), and Sigil of Virulence (245).

I posted all of that because I never log off in PvE gear so it’s about impossible to see unless you happen to be in the instance I randomed into. My cloak is weak and I need to replace it, but I’m going to spend Frost Emblems on T10 gear instead and hope for a drop for the cloak.


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