Old-fashioned PvP

Last night Tahh was leveling his warrior in Borean Tundra and started getting corpse camped by essentially 3 level 80’s around the fishing area. He mentioned it in guild chat, and before we knew it there were several members of the guild in route who then proceeded to make their lives miserable until we lost interest.

Well, sans the pally, who bubble-hearthed before he died. Takes a helluva player to sit around a level 72 warrior for an extended period of time.

After exacting justice on the druid, mage and DK who didn’t hearth away, Halomoo, Arccadun and I decided to start farming players inside Valiance Keep when we ran out of people to kill. The first one was fairly careful, a mage was visiting a vendor and I landed, gripped him over to a corner and we killed him quickly along with about 20 guards (honestly I may have not tried it had he not named himself “Leroyjankins”), but he died and the city farming began.

Before I knew it I was chasing Halo into the Inn and it was about a 5-minute AE filled with lots and lots of dead people. We then took our trade northward to the Airstrip to negotiate peace for the Horde, but the gnomes and people questing weren’t receptive to our efforts so they had to die as well. There was even a point last night where we were flying around the Alliance ship from Stormwind, and I landed on the mast to death grip a druid flying around us (he didn’t die, but the fact it occurred says something about the night).

Good times, gooooood times.


2 Responses to “Old-fashioned PvP”

  1. Seriously fun stuff.. I wasnt even miffed that they were camping me. I thought it was grand that everyone jumped at the chance for world pvp!

    We needs to do this more often.. maybe I’ll move my leveling closer to alliance areas. 🙂

  2. Most fun ever, reminds me of eq and fear clearing lol.

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