Bring on Rated Battlegrounds

At the risk of making another stroke-me post, I have to put a few screens of what has been happening since Halomoo went resto-spec for PvP. We routinely take on more than what we have, but more often than not we’re fairing very well.

It’s comforting because originally our group composition just wasn’t going to work in any capacity. Of all the guys playing with me we had Halo as an Enhancement Shaman, Lozar as a Feral Druid, Arccadun as a Boomer, Tahh as a BM Hunter and Youlockdat as an Affliction Lock. Completely impossible to work together, not enough elements to succeed in Arena – it was looking rough. Add to the fact that we’re all casuals who aren’t exactly well-geared, and…ya.

For now, Halo is right up there with me in terms of gear and it’s showing. Lozar is starting to get into heroics and beginning to differentiate his gear between PvP and PvE, and Arccadun isn’t horribly geared to begin with who is getting better by the day.  Our Lock rolled a druid with the intent of going resto, so who knows – we may one day have a tree-hugging team of a DK, Shaman and 3 Druids. Either way, battlegrounds are starting to get a lot more fun.


3 Responses to “Bring on Rated Battlegrounds”

  1. I am starting to get some resto gear but like you said about being “casual” it will take a hwhile. No, not mis-spelled see Family Guy.

  2. Tahh is survival/marks specced now btw.. and yeah.. I gotta get some gear and pvp more with you guys.. 😦

  3. My feral set is complete minus relentless

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