Arena Guide

Credit to whoever did it, I can’t read the author in the top-right hand corner.

But this is accurate. I was just talking to Lozar about PvP gemming and honestly the best advice I can give to anyone is to find the top Arena players on your battlegroup and mimic them. RAWR has its uses, but in order to find the best character compositions in PvP it is impossible to assign a numerical value to it – so mimic someone, figure out which parts of it work best for you and adjust accordingly.

Naturally, making use of the PvP Discussion tabs I link on this site are beneficial as well. Once you have obtained substantial experience in doing something to the extent of being able to understand discussion regarding it, then hitting up these forums/sites will take your game to the next level. Explore things on your own, don’t ever completely take someone else’s word for it without experimentation.

When I was a new 80 guarding nodes in battlegrounds I would just jot down names of players who did particularly well and then Armory them. Given the option to bookmark them if you are logged in is awesome, and to date I have 7 different DK’s that I follow that are always in PvP gear to see how they enchant, gem and what specs they are using. After a Warsong Gulch that I had last night where I did 300k more damage than 2nd highest, I would only hope that someone else is benefiting from my setup as much as I did.

In short, go PvP, watch what other people are doing, gear up similarly to top players and then start reading more into it once you have a general idea of what you’re doing (or just follow this chart!).


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