Tyrannical Beheader

It only took 7 instances and 2 drops, but I’m finally swinging an axe that doesn’t suck – the Tyrannical Beheader.

The stats on it are kinda crappy for an Unholy DK, but manageable. Adding an Inscribed Ametrine (+10 str/+10 crit) is better served than a Bold Cardinal Ruby (+20 str). But at any rate, here’s to respectable damage until the rest of the masses obtain it as well.


3 Responses to “Tyrannical Beheader”

  1. Hmm…. I picked up one of these for my pvp spec. I’m frost though, not unholy. Is the socket bonus really worth putting the ametrine in? I never know for sure, and couldn’t make up my mind, that’s why mine is still ungemmed.

  2. Well by what conventional wisdom told me was that +20 strength would be +40 attack power and the Ametrine would be +28 attack power and .22% crit. My understanding was that with the benefit to +crit combined with the attack power would be better for PvP (which everything I say basically pertains to…I’m not a dps king), but I’m finding now that the SS nerf may have shot that to hell. I guess I should look for more proof, but I may have to retract my statement.

    Basically as a frost DK, you’re going to be better served with the strength for straight DPS.

  3. […] purchased the Darkmoon Card: Greatness which I use for both PvE & PvP, and most of all I added a new axe. I realize that I should probably use the Wintergrasp leggings instead of the ones I wear, however […]

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