3.3 Unholy PvP Spec (2H)

PvP 3/17/51
PvE 16/0/55

I label this post as PvP spec and that’s precisely what I intend it to be, however in my 3.2.2 spec post I labeled an Arena spec and then a Battleground spec, but only used the BG and went Blood for a DPS spec with the other. After recently getting into Arenas, I realized that I could double my spec utility with the addition of either a Swift Skyflare Diamond or Tuskarr’s Vitality and drop the need for 2 PvP specs. I legitimately tried to make a Blood DPS spec work because of my desire for self-healing and reports of better single target damage, but I just truly enjoy the Unholy tree and am determined to stick with it. Plus, as I begin to run endless heroics attempting to gear completely in 232/245 DPS gear, I’ll be best served to utilize the AE aspect of the Unholy talents anyway.

The PvP spec will give me much more damage at the expense of 7% run speed, as Unholy presence provides 15% and my substitutes only provide 8%. Then again, I’ve never done with 15% so there’s always a chance I try to crawl back to it, but the only time great run speed is important without mounts is running flags in Warsong Gulch and I use plenty of run speed potions for that anyway. The rest of the components are still there.

The PvE spec drops utilities and substitutes damage, so I’ll be running some tests here in the near future to make sure I’m going the right way.


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