2v2 Arena, “Ironman”

Last Saturday night I put together what I considered was a really good Wintergrasp, where I didn’t die and almost kind of had that aura of badass-ity. I was firing off crits as killing blows, taking down siege vehicles with a few hits and destroying any random Alliance that crossed me while doing it. When I said as much in the chat channel I share with friends from old games, one of which said I was highest damage on his Recount.

Not sure if this had anything to do with this, but following the battle I was asked in a random tell, “interested in doing 2’s with a holy pally?”

Arena play is something that I have been wanting to do, but admittingly only because of the rewards involved and that you cannot get a PvP weapon from Battlegrounds (which is BS). My brother in-game is a combat rogue and best friend is an enhancement shaman, so needless to say it wasn’t like a better composition was going to come along at any time soon.

The pally’s name is Rerollinc, and after going 8-2 Saturday night we followed it up by going 3-5 on Monday to end with a 517 rating for the week. It has been a lot of fun so far in figuring out our playstyles, but at this point I think we’re winning a lot of matches based on talent alone. For Monday I was having microphone problems which would’ve been our first time on Ventrilo, but I’m sure that will be remedied by the next time we play.

Back to Ironman though. On Sunday he asked me if I wanted to run some battlegrounds with him, where I figured out he has a warlock named Zugdot who is just sick. We played 2 Warsong’s, an Arathi Basin and an Eye of the Storm and only even came close to losing in the EotS, which was a final of 1600-1100ish. We were paired up with a feral-by-raid and resto-by-BG druid named Thrusting who is amazing in a support role, and honestly it didn’t matter who we were paired up with that night we were just going to win.

Naturally I didn’t think to grab screens except for a random one at the lumber mill in AB and of my really-did-nothing feat of running 3 flags back to the while hardly engaging in combat.


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