…the Pilgrim

This title is easily one that I most definitely will never place above my head, but as has been the tradition here is the customary screen grab of my stats while wearing my PvP gear. I’ve had a few comments what my PvE stats are, but being as I could care less about those numbers just know that I have 2 pieces of level 232 gear and my dps is sitting at 3200.

Differences from Vikt the Hallowed most notable is the Edge of Ruin and Relentless Gladiator’s Dreadplate Gauntlets. I’ve gained 154 strength, 123 stamina, 460 attack power, 2.41 crit % and have increased my weapon damage by 363. Resilience has went up from 618 to 829.


One Response to “…the Pilgrim”

  1. […] DPS set because I’m doing quite a bit, but more on that later. For my PvP stats, since “Vikt the Pilgrim” I’ve gained 262 strength, 111 stamina, 194 armor, 598 attack power and 2.23% crit […]

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