Totin’ the Rock

Just had to share my 2 games of Warsong Gulch yesterday, where I returned 5 out of 6 possible flags.

Normally I don’t run flags very often, but after grabbing the first one yesterday I passed it off in the tunnel because Heffalump, a 39k hit-pointed DK was running right behind me. While I can’t say why it wasn’t returned, it wasn’t, so the next time I grabbed the flag I capped it. Then again, and again – next game – again, then again. I’ve never really experienced anything like it – I would get the flag, kill 3 people on my way back with heals galore, and then cap it. In the second game I actually went over to kill the Alliance flag carrier, returned our flag and died, but someone else picked it up off the ground and ran it in – so my case for 6 was almost made.


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