Night Elf Mohawk Pt. 2

Ok so I was desperate to live out this mohawk thing for one more day, but while trying to gather small eggs to bake a chocolate cake last night (rare blue recipe from Dalaran dailies) I found him as I was running thru Mulgore presumably right outside the Tauren starting area. Not only does he give you the grenades needed to turn everyone within blast radius into a NE Mohawk (NOTE: great time to use them is the Wintergrasp Battlemaster), but he makes you admit to believing into essentially his computer skills on changing the game for the class as per the commercials.

No idea how long it will last, but some people are really having fun with it. I especially got a kick out of getting my mail in Orgrimmar yesterday and being greeted by this chick dancing on top of the mailbox – great stuff.


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