Black War Kodo

When I was leveling an Alliance character I remember getting my battleground marks and having virtually nothing cool to spend them on, but with the Horde I swear I stared at the selections for 10 minutes and finally settled on a coin flip between the Black War Kodo and Red Skeletal Warhorse.

Last night the Horde was awesome. I first finished my pvp daily (a day late) for the Isle of Conquest in a game that had all the makings of us getting destroyed – what a difference a few days makes. After last week being in an IoC that saw a miraculous stand at our base only to have our offense fail on the High Commander Halford Wyrmbane, we got owned at the docks in the beginning but made a quick recovery by capturing the workshop and hangar in route to a very quick victory.

After that I ran three Warsong Gulches and won all of them 3-0, even gaining the Warsong Expedience achievement on the final one. I’m not exactly sure why the Alliance on Ruin were so bad last night, but if Thursday night happens to be the big raid night for the top guilds then I’ll be sure to set aside extra time next week.


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