Dellex of Stormwind

Last night after another failed session of attacking Wintergrasp (seriously, I’m not sure I’ve won anything all week), a few lower-level friends were getting messed with by The Great Lift in the Barrens. Akahn & I, being the stand-up guys we are went to slay the evil paladin who was dancing naked enticing level 20’s to attack him.

Well we did, easily, hell – without losing any health right outside of Razorfiend Downs, but as we were waiting for Arcadun to get his body back and run RFD the pally attacked us again.

Long story short, he died 4 times. While I won’t say that I would not have killed him again after looting his corpse, but had we decided between RFD and RFK a little quicker we likely may not have killed him again. After getting attacked though, we just set up camp – and by set up camp I mean we actually put campfires on his corpse and practiced all the emotes we could think of. At any rate, chalk this one up to another satisfied customer.


At any rate, I never use acronyms like “lol”, but under the circumstances my sarcasm knew no bounds. Note my original reply with the patented Ric Flair “woo!” – I forgot I did that and it even made me laugh a little as I posted this. He did tell me to go to Youtube because I think he started to think I was serious, but apparently I missed that screenshot so feel free to call bullshit in the idea that he bought my responses.


3 Responses to “Dellex of Stormwind”

  1. Wooo!

    That was kind of fun, really nice to have the campfires fueled by his corpses. I only got a few hate tells though, I guess I need to get a little faster with my smartass comments. Either that or just respond with a; Woo!

  2. Oh and p.s.

    those long lines you have blurred out in text, Wow I got hammered last night.

  3. i’m missing all the fun! 😦

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