The Franchise


This group right here, guilded under the name of The Franchise on my own server, absolutely lit up a Warsong Gulch I was in the other night. I post this for no other reason than to remind myself to stock back up on lube, as I believe I emptied an entire Netherweave Bag of it in this particular battle. It is comforting to know that not all Alliance suck at PvP on my server, and I look forward to the day that one of them hands me my ass running around Azeroth.

I’ve hit a rough streak over the last week in terms of emerging victorious in battlegrounds, meaning I think I can count the number of victories on one hand. In this particular battle I zoned in to the Horde only having 7 players, and I rode out to find 3 people back behind the hillside near the wheel running under the Horde base. I flagged them as AFK, and then rode out and dropped the paladin who was heading towards our graveyard.

Little did I know that it would be the last recorded kill of the instance. I spawned a few more times to be killed before I could turn around, to which I promptly waved the white flag and stood in the distance watching, see pic:


The amazing thing about this was that people kept on rezzing, only to be slaughtered again. And again. And again. One would think that people would get tired of this, but apparently I was wrong. Well, I didn’t want a deserter tag because I was heavy PvPing this particular night, so I decided at 2-0 that it would end fairly quickly. Wrong again. The Franchise stayed put in our graveyard until 1:00 left in the match when someone finally picked up the Horde flag and ran it to the other side, thus ending the longest 27:00 of my life.


One Response to “The Franchise”

  1. This is another example of why you screw with other players in PvP when you get the chance. If it’s been done to you then you will in turn return the favor.
    I’m happy to say that I was part of a group last night that held the final flag in our flag room up 2-0 and quickly removed any alliance that came near. The only reason we didn’t hold off the win to the very end is because the one carrying the flag inadvertently ran over our own flag turning it in while chasing someone.

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