Onyxien the Netherwing Drake


In what has been essentially the first reputation grind that I have done on this character, last week I finished just over 2 weeks worth of dailies and earned exalted status with the Netherwing faction in Shadowmoon Valley. This camp was a must-do for me, as since I returned to WoW on my human death knight I had seen these dragons alongside the newer models (Bronze, Red) and just knew I had to have one above everything else. I mean, not only do I get to select the color (duh, black), but the things have iridescent wings and lightning pulses through their body – how is that not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?!

Anyway as I did with the Axe of the Frozen Wastes post a while back, I just wanted to give a quick run-down in layman’s terms as to the quest chains that I did, how I did them and perhaps what to expect should you choose to do the same.

The first thing about these quests is that you start out Hated with Netherwing, and you must do a quest chain to Neutral before you will be able to start doing the dailies that I will describe. While you will need to have Artisan Riding purchased to continue from Neutral to Exalted, anyone can perform the quests to get to Neutral.

The first thing to do is to seek out a Blood Elf named Mordenai fighting Rocknails on the ground just to the east of the Sanctum of Stars (remember to always set your track options to “Low Level Quest” to obtain these), to which he will start you out with a quest entitled “Kindness”. While this is not at all a hard quest, remember not to have something that causes damage on you as it will cause the dragon to attack you. Most of the rest of these are easy to figure out (especially if you’re using Questhelper) up until “Karynaku”, which will tell you it is a 5-man quest and it can prove difficult. When I did the quest at 76 thinking I’d get a drake without (300) flying I failed miserably in trying this myself, but I did eventually coerce someone in zone to help me. With the gear I have now I could solo the encounter, but I may have had a little trouble as a new-80. If you are a new 80 or concerned, clean out all the mobs in the rooms to your sides as well as the guards on the balconies, and then fight Zuluhed the Whacked in one of the cleared out rooms to avoid the surprise waiting for you on the balcony. Following this quest you will get another that will grant you 42k reputation points and bring you to Neutral with the Netherwings.

Once you have obtained Neutral status (as well as 300 flying), until you get to Friendly you will have 1 quest that involves retrieving an item from an elite and easily soloable giant insect at the very top of the range you are questing on, as well dailies for gathering skills, Netherwing Crystals, killing peons and killing the mounted riders patrolling the sky. I was a miner, so during my first day of mining I got so much that I had my turn-ins done for a week, which was moreso true on the crystals, of which I never needed to re-farm those for the next 2 weeks. 40 ores and 30 crystals become a daily turn in that yields substantial reputation. The other 2 dailies are simple, but what you need to do is fly to the area just south of Shadowmoon Village and kill 12 beasts (the boars or dinosaurs work) in order to get 12 poisoned meals to serve the peons mining away throughout the island, and the other involves flying onto one of the pieces of debris north of the island and catching passerby riders until you have slain and looted 10 of their marks.

Of note, looting Netherwing Eggs is a static quest that you can turn in as many times as you have items. These eggs spawn all over the area and grant you 250 rep every time, and a good way to get started on these is to watch this video:

Now from Friendly to Honored you get 3 more quests that involve the Murkbloods deep in the mines as well as 3 more dailies that consist of mine work. At this point I am daily flying into the Dragonmaw camp, grabbing all my quests and then heading to the mine to make the run down to the Rocknails in order to loot mine carts and kill 15 of these creatures. From there I fly to the island I kill riders on, and from there I head to get the 12 glands that are used to poison the peons. While poisoning peons I “booterang” the malcontents, and mine anything that pops up as I go.

From Honored to Revered you get 1 new daily which involves flying to the west end of Nagrand to slay 15 demons, which I was typically doing after getting my 12 glands. The 2 new quests offered here involves the flying mount races to which I completed all except the last, and the other is just a side loot while killing the mobs in Nagrand.

Revered carries a fun new quest/daily where you are supposed to go against your Shattrah faction (Aldor/Scyer), but you rig it up to where everyone wins and you can get more reputation.

So essentially just keep doing your dailies every day and this can go as fast as a week and as long as 3 if you are not completing your dailies. In my quest, I put aside all other dailies for the most part and even passed up a lot of PvP time, but I always finished every daily that was offered and it took me right at 2 weeks. The series is a pain that seems as monotonous as can be expected, but he end result was more than worth it for me. Side benefits, while rumored to be in excess of 3,000 gold during the quests, I can’t say for sure that they did generate that but I did make an incredible amount of money selling Adamantite Ore that I picked up looking for the Nethercite Ore for turn-ins. Those alone left me around 400 ores to sell when I was finished.


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