The Pwn Flag

Playing in Eye of the Storm last night I noticed in a 2-on-2 situation that a flag popped up following our victory. When I examined it I kind of asked “wtf?” in /bg, to which the guy who planted it just laughed.

Turns out it’s the “Owned Flag“, a WoW TCG special loot card that awards an item in game. From what I gather they are random cards purchased in packs, but since I could care less about the card game and wouldn’t pay some $50 for an in-game item I’ll never see one.

At any rate, it’s still pretty awesome to plant a flag through someone’s corpse.


One Response to “The Pwn Flag”

  1. […] actually seen this a few times, as it appears someone on Bleeding Hollow on Horde side has one. As I said before, nothing like impaling a corpse in disapproval after killing […]

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