For Halo…

Just posting this for Halomoo because he logged off pissed last night after not being able to land himself into a winning Strand of the Ancients for the PvP Daily. This match coincidentally would be my first and only of the night.

(Note the “Storm the Beach” achievement as well).

Oh and that honor, plus the daily honor and the 3 tokens that allowed me to turn in 3 times for more honor got me my last piece of Gladiator gear (cloak). To top that off, the +35 spell piercing enchant was on the AH for 35 gold so I bought it as well. In fact, being that most of the time that goes for 200+, I bought all 3 of them posted and sent them to my bank alt.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – wow, last night was a pretty productive night.


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