Stormwind Assassin

When I said that the last video made me want to be a rogue, I wasn’t playing around. I have created one, I am just yet to officially log her into the game. As a general disclaimer, I really don’t do alts – I’m more of an “accomplish everything on one character” type guy, but doing the things Drstun does on this video is precisely why I want to level up a rogue.

As another disclaimer I don’t play female characters, but the idea of people getting killed by a female orc rogue named “Viktorre” just makes me laugh.  Anyway ~

World PvP is the greatest part of it for me. I certainly like Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Wintergrasp much more than Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm because I enjoy the advantages and disadvantages that mismatches create, and I feel that half of PvP is utilizing the environment and putting yourself in favorable conditions to win. In 40 on 40 battles there are many things going on throughout the battlefield, but they also contain the ability to actually partake in massive battles within them as well (except WG, the lag-haven of WoW). While I do not feel that I would be bad at Arena combat, I just haven’t tried it yet nor do I have any desire to do so except for the fact that Blizzard makes me in order to achieve a full set of PvP gear (weapons mostly). Also, my reasoning for side-stepping the whole reason I posted this video was totally unplanned, so…

Anyway, this video has nothing special as far as clever editing or anything, but it is an honest-to-god video of a rogue not only ganking in Stormwind, but it also shows plenty of failures as well. This is the type of PvP that makes me wish I had a level 80 rogue to gank with, and thus I thought I would share so that you don’t have to sift thru hundreds of bad PvP videos to find a good one.


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