I Fail

I mean, it could be anybody including my dickheaded friends, but I received these comments after a really cool situation in Nagrand.

While doing my dailies out of Shadowmoon Valley I wanted to finish The Ring of Blood in order to get this achievement. As I approached this area in Nagrand I saw a complete group of Alliance currently partaking in the battle, so like any self-respecting person I landed inside of the mob and started spreading diseases like a gas station restroom.

The 5 of them died very quickly, as I’m not sure if my Pygmy Oil really disguised me that well or they thought they could burn down the mob (if you die, you fail regardless). As I stood waiting for their counterattack, all of them hovered above on their mounts doing nothing. A druid swooped down in an apparent attempt to piss me off or something, but he instead became the idiot who got death gripped and killed in 3 hits.

At any rate, the 5 level 67-73 players weren’t going to kill me regardless so I started the fight I needed to finish from that questline, and right as it started I had 2 level 80 Hunters start attacking me from a distance.  I death gripped the closest one to me and killed him while tanking the mob (who albeit hit much softer than the hunters), and with hitting a potion and sacrificing my pet I managed to kill the other hunter before tapping back all my life from the mob. So ya, 2 level 80 hunters attacked me on an elite mob, and I destroyed all 3 of them. Yay resilience. Point of the story, whether the above comment was my friends screwing with me or one of the 7 who died in Nagrand, it is always nice to have affected someone so positively enough that it warranted them to create a cross-faction character to tell me so.

This was also one of those moments that make me wish I kept fraps running while I play.


4 Responses to “I Fail”

  1. That’s the best name they could come up with Viktisbad?!? If they felt the need to create a new character just to say that is pretty sad. Then ignoring you after they say something. So not only did you beat their asses but you also made one of them waste their time afterwards.

  2. Wow. Just … wow. Call me naive and a nub, I probably am, but seriously … is that how things work on a PvP server? People are doing the Ring of Blood so you kill them so you can do it yourself?? On my servers … you fly in and help them kill the mobs so they get done faster and you can take your turn after they’re done. It doesn’t matter which faction they belong to. Well, good for you and yay for your leet skillz I guess?

    /shuffles back to her carebear servers

  3. Well, the way it normally works on a PvP server is someone sees this happening, slaughters the group who has no chance of killing the 80 and then he stays around to taunt them and show how awesome he is by killing them. My point in this post was more the distinction between me being the “Honorable Defender” as of a few weeks ago because as an entry-level 80 I couldn’t kill anyone 1 on 1 – to being at a point where I am able to essentially tank 2 level 80 hunters (even though they obviously sucked at PvP). Hence the “yay resilience” comment.

    But yes, my motto matches my guild’s in that “Red is dead”. I’ve been involved in the cut-throat type of PvP games where real time and accomplishments are lost as a result and I’ve been involved in various forms of griefing in various instances (both ends), but WoW PvP is very vanilla. As soon as I killed that mob I continued to the western area of Nagrand for my quest and I would assume they finished their event – to which I have more important things to do then to stalk people who have no chance of killing me.

    I do mock people who spend their time slaughtering noob zones under the auspice that they aren’t good enough to compete at their own level, but I certainly am not above doing it. Last night in Southshore doing the Hallow’s End achievements 3 of us stuck around long enough to make the town uninhabitable for 20 minutes by killing anything that moved, and even on the run from Tirisfal I took the time to drop off my mount and 1-shot a level 32 elf. I do realize that it is another person behind the keyboard getting run like that, but at the same time ya – it’s Alliance vs. Horde on a PvP server and that’s what you sign up for.

    • I’ll add a little to that PvP comment. There has been nights that I’ve had to leave a zone and farm a lower area because of constantly being hit by upper lvls!! Not the same person camping me but different people every time. All upper lvls do is return the favor for all the freckin times that it’s happened to them. Now they are 80 and it’s payback time. I’m sure that group of people will remember what happened to them and do the same to someone else later. It’s the way of the PvP.

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