Outland Bound

I’m getting dangerously close to completing my PvP gearset with only needing 2 more pieces to complete my original level 80 goal, and I’m currently working on establishing how I am going to proceed thereafter with my alternate dps spec. I’m still teetering on going tank or dps, but because top-end weapons are so hard to come by I think that working towards obtaining the Edge of Ruin will enable me to use it for my Unholy PvP spec as well as a 2h Bood dps spec.

I will post more on all that later, but for now I have doubled up my daily quest routine to not only include Dalaran professions and the Argent Tournament, but I have begun working towards obtaining exalted reputation with the Netherwings in Shadowmoon Valley in order to obtain a decent-looking mount – however I am unsure as to how long I will stick to it because it really is a giant pain the ass. Either way, I’ll post about the experience any which way it goes.


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