3.2.2 Unholy 2H PvP Specs



With all of the battleground grinding as of late I have been able to actually look at the talent trees and decide which abilities that I want the most and which ones I can probably do without. As with any advice on talent builds you really do need to assess what is important and will work with your playstyle, but since I know no one actually does that and instead mimics others I’m here to decide for you.

The above Arena spec is the best, balanced Unholy build for pvp combat right now. It has a ton of damage boosts, plenty of diseases and a glyph in place that allows you to continually refresh these diseases on your main target. While Unholy is not the best single target dps spec out right now, this one will allow you to keep diseases active in the immediate area and thus be a major pain in the ass of everyone with a red tag above their heads. I’ve always said a dotted-target is a panicked one, and a panicked player is a bad one.

However, as I’m sure anyone who frequents the blog knows that I have not participated in Arena play with this character, I am currently rocking the second Battleground spec right now. What this spec does for me is includes all the utility from the Arena spec as well as most of the damage involved, but at the same time provides me with a bit more utility than you get in the more damage-intensive arena spec at the top of the post.

The two additional talents in my BG spec are On a Pale Horse and Unholy Command. I find that the speed in which I am able to travel at proves me plenty beneficial in doing whatever, from racing to the first node in Arathi Basin, Stonehearth Bunker in Alterac Valley, the Berserker buff in Warsong Gulch, the docks in Isle of Conquest – you get the idea – its a pretty important element to have. The Unholy Command talent is one that I hated when I first started a Death Knight, as I was one that thought it was a completely overpowered and overused ability. However, now that I have found creative ways to use it like in the Frostwolf Den in AV:


I really dig the decreased refresh timer moreso than I ever did before.

The last thing I have changed from the cookie-cutter specs is that I have finally switched out the minor Glyph of the Horn of Winter and take up the Glyph of Death’s Embrace, which helps me remember that I am able to heal a little bit in a pinch moreso than my bandaging skills have permitted to date. Just make a macro:

/cast [target=player] Death Coil

The extra minute of the Horn of Winter is nice, but honestly with the change to Bone Shield in 3.2.2 and having to be cast every minute, I find it increasingly easy to just cast all of my spells when I refresh that one – or you know, macro the 2 together and go that route. Besides, when you’re in a battleground there is likely no less than 3 other DK’s immediately present around you, and every one of them also have the 3-minute glyph so why should you as well?


2 Responses to “3.2.2 Unholy 2H PvP Specs”

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