Bonus Weekend in AV

This past weekend was one I had been looking to with double-honor Alterac Valley’s that generally yield between 1k and 2k per match depending on which side of the W/L column you are on. The matches typically go on for no longer than 15 minutes if I had to average it out, and despite the passive tactics in winning the contest you can find plenty of pvp if you know where to look (and avoid the zerg).

I ran with guildmates on Friday with a lot of success, and I must say that hitting the battlegrounds with geared, coordinated people sure beats the hell out of living in pugs. We often found ourselves pursuing our own battles, whether that be repelling the initial onslaught against Galvangar, back-capping graveyards and towers or blitzing our way directly to Vandarr and killing him alongside all of his tower marshalls.

The rest of the weekend sucked win-wise, as it was apparent that the Horde wasn’t always fielding their A-game in the instances I was in. Needless to say I didn’t stay in AV’s in order to miss Wintergrasp, and as a result I obtained my last piece of gear from those vendors I had planned on.

With the WG marks and unconscience flow of honor coming in, I managed to purchase the Furious Gladiator’s Greaves of Triumph as well as stockpile another 31k for my upcoming belt. With all of the new gear I have obtained over the past few weeks I find myself more along the lines of a battleground factor again, versus the role I have been playing as a node guarder.

I also completed 3 different achievements throughout the games being:

…and finally:

Great weekend overall, one which has me sitting significantly closer to filling out my first pvp set that I have been working to achieve since hitting level 80.


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