Some Wintergrasp Pics

Really just wanted to illustrate a few things:
First, when you do the above – the below is the result.
For a quick explanation, when you are in Wintergrasp and you hear everyone telling you to not build a catapult, this is precisely why. I was manning a tower cannon and chose to just pick off riders and assist in pvp instead of destroying these resource-hogs. As a general rule, while in Wintergrasp you should pvp until you reach First Lieutenant, then go build a siege vehicle…not much easier than that. If you do build a catapult early in the match that’s one thing, but be sure that you are not still running around aimlessly when the siege engines start rolling.

Last shot is just me being the first to the orb when I was about the 7th siege engine in the long line that busted into the base. My roll was a bit lag-assisted in getting in, but hey…I touched the orb with a freakin’ tank!


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