The Honorable Defender

The biggest realization that I have come to since turning level 80 is that most people in battlegrounds have thrown away several tiers of gear better than what I have on. If you have followed this blog so far you know that I set myself up for badassness in my level bracket, however this new one is going to take a lot of work.

In order to be effective and not feel like the level 71 in the 79 bracket I have to use what I can to help my team win. If a node needs guarded I guard it, if the opportunity to disease an entire group arrives I spread it, and if burning my cooldowns as soon as they pop up in order to do below average damage is what it takes than by god I do it. Of note, when speaking of guarding a node, I generally call out for example, “losing farm” when a single Alliance comes running after it, but such is life when you’re a 17k hit-pointed DK).

The cool thing about this Honorable Defender buff though is that it rewards people for doing the things that they can to help the team but may not have a full set of purples. As you can see above that priest and I did pretty much nothing the entire battleground – we rushed blacksmith and won, and then rebuffed each other for 10 minutes after that. Great game, here’s your kills, honor and tokens.

So the question again, why won’t people guard nodes during a match?


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