Disturbing the Peace

Tonight is the last night of Brewfest, and in the event you have not completed the achievements in order to obtain your Brewmaster title allow me to drop 2 quick tips on you.

  1. To get the Drunken Stupor achievement where you have to fall 65 yards without dying (while smashed), go to the spot in Shattrah indicated above. Stand on of the pegs outside the immediate bridge and jump off – not fall – and land in the recessed area below. This jump is literally about 66 yards.
  2. Disturbing the Peace and Brew of the Month should be done minutes apart from each other. First, refrain from spending your tokens until you have acquired 350 of them. At this point you should buy your 3 pieces of clothing, gate to Dalaran, /dance, take the portal back to Orgrimmar and sell your clothes back to the vendor for a full refund. At that point buy your membership to the Brew of the Month club, and use whatever you have left over on what item(s) you want. Recall that the tokens do not carry over to next year’s Brewfest.

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